Sunday, 17 February 2008

Central America

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Central America is rather a disappointment for the manhole afficionado. Many of the covers are in concrete with any inscription stamped or inscribed manually. This is particularly true in Guatemala. In Mexico many of the covers noted proved to be for electricity supplies. The abbreviation CFE stands for Comision Federal de Electricidad.

DGOP Infom Municipalidad 1965. Seen in Antigua.

Contador agua. Stamped. Seen in Antigua.

Contador agua. Hand drawn. Seen in Antigua.

Talleres Rossi, Guatemala. Seen in Antigua. The Rossi foundry also manufacture stoves.

Talleres Maselli, Guatemala. The Maselli foundry is based in Guatemala City. Seen in Antigua.

EMAPET. (Empresa Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcanturillado. Seen in Flores, where this is the local water supply authority.

CFE. Seen in Campeche.

CFE Fernandez. Seen in Campeche.

Ayuntmiento de Mérida.

F.Tenayuca. Merida 2000 Capital Americana de la Cultura. H. Ayuntmiento de Mérida. 1998-2001. The only example seen of a pictorial or commemorative manhole cover.

Fundacion de Colisyuna [?]. Seen in Mérida.

CFE FHISA. Seen in Palenque.

Brigam is the Compania Fundidora Brigam, based in Jalisco. Seen in Palenque.

CFE Tenayuca. Seen in Piste.

CFE. Brigam. Brigam is the Compania Fundidora Brigam, based in Jalisco. Seen in Tulum.

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