Monday, 2 July 2007

Slovakia and the Czech Republic

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This page combines the two countries which once formed Czechoslovakia as manhole covers are scattered across the two states. Before the changeover from communism many covers from the GDR were exported to Czechoslovakia. Examples were seen in Bratislava, Konopiste and elsewhere. Sice the change there have inevitably been inroads by PAM and other foreign manufacturers but, in the case of Prag, it can be seen that local demands for special designs can be met.

Czech Republic

This unusual national cover was seen in the border town of Hodonin.

Ceska Republika.

Most covers in the capital of Slovakia are manufactured by Passavant and this is the model featured on the amusing statue below. There are also a number of local designs in the city centre.

Passavant. A man in a bit of a hole, Bratislava.

Mesto Bratislava.

Karlovy Vary

The first design shown probably dates from the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before 1918. Most of the examples found are very worn. The town has renowned thermal springs, some of them very hot. Special covers with a stylised fountain design warn of this and there is also a design featuring the town's arms.

Karlsbad Stadtgemeinde.

Hot springs Splzak Vridelni Voda, Karlovy Vary.

Mesto Karlovy Vary.

Prazska Kanalizace. Seen in the museum at Commachio.

Prazska Kanalizace. A variant design seen in situ.

Frantisek Friedl. Praha.

Prazska Kanalizace. A special design by PAM

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