Tuesday, 30 May 2017

4 and 5: East Anglia and East Midlands

EAST MIDLANDS. This posting also includes East Anglia as there is at present virtually no representation of this region.
Yaxley. Clarksteel.

Clarksteel, England, grade B. MB250. BS497.
Clarksteel Holdings Ltd is based in Yaxley near Peterborough. Since 2016 it has been trading as Clark-Drain Ltd. Their website (accessed December 2016) states: Clark-Drain was formerly known as Clarksteel Ltd. We were founded in 1963 by Francis Clark and his wife Dorothy who were looking to buy a manhole cover. At that time they were quoted a 12 to 18 month delivery time! So instead of waiting, they set about making a cover by themselves. In fact, that first cover set new industry standards as it was made from steel rather than the usual cast iron. Sadly, Francis passed away in 1998 and Dorothy in 2014, but family members continue to play key roles in the business.
New Mills.Longson.

J Longson & Son, New Mills.

Whaley Bridge. Mulcaster.

Wm Mulcaster, P. V. contractor, Haslington. Shallcross Foundry, Whaley Bridge. Seen in New Mills.

Whaley Bridge. Shallcross Foundry.

Shallcross Foundry, Whaley Bridge. Seen in New Mills.

Lincoln. Duckering.

"Duckering Lincoln.
Established by Richard Duckering in 1845, the company prospered and moved in the 1850s to a site on Waterside North, stretching up to St Rumbold Street and west of Brook Street. Charles Duckering took over the operation of his father, Richard's iron foundry in 1870. Under his leadership the business expanded into the manufacture of farm implements and corn grinding machines. The foundry was on land between Waterside North and St Rumbold Street. The business finally closed in 1961, but lamp posts, drain grates and manhole covers made by Duckerings can still be seen all over Lincoln. The site is now occupied by the YMCA and a car park. "
Scunthorpe. Scunthorpe Foundry Co.

Scunthorpe Foundry Co Ltd.

Nottingham. Crosta.

James Crosta San Eng Co Ltd, Nottingham. Ames patent, no 14898 of 1909. Seen in Redhill.