Sunday, 1 May 2011


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The exploration of Turkey's manholes was confined to the European part of the country and this and lack of familiarity with the Turkish language has meant that the full range of manhole covers has not been tackled. Inscriptions relating to the local municipality have been noted but generally there does not appear to be a great deal to interest the operculist from the point of view of design. Covers in this page have been arranged by the place in which they were seen rather than by the place of production. Diacriticals have not been inserted in the transcriptions.

Canakkale Belediyesi. Erkus Kanalizasyon Canakkale. Kimelsan AS. A bi-colour plastic cover
Iller Bankasi Kanalizasyon
Illerbankasi Kanalizasyon. Erkus Dokum Kovya Edirne Belediyesi. With monogram logo of Edirne Edirne. BL. Kapagi Kanalizasyon. Iller Bankasi. Br Us Dokum
Istanbul Buyukseh/p Belediyesi TC Bakirkoy Bei Ldiyesi Konya Oerkus
Kumbag Belediyesi Kanalizasyon
Ist B Sehir Bi ISKI Yagmursuyu ISKI Kanalizasyon Yol Bakim Onarim Mud. Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi. Yagmir Suyu

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