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The manhole covers of Spain reflect the civic and historic pride of the nation, a pride which manifests itself in the coats of arms which adorn the facades of so many of the old mansions in historic towns throughout the country and in the memorials and inscriptions celebrating the institutions that have shaped its history. Emblems of the towns abound, the local authorities and the foundries are proudly named and designs are often dignified and elegant. Manholes are also quite frequently dated, as if the local authorities felt it worth while to record the progress of their activites in maintaining a good water and sewerage service.

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Excmo. Ayto. de Avila. Showing emblem of the city.
Ayuntamiento de Cudillero, saneamiento. With ship emblem of the town.

Igualda is the home of the Fundicion ductil Fabregas, a foundry with 50-100 employees with a turn-over in excess of $100 million world-wide.

Fundicion ductil Fabregas Igualda SA. Seen in Sighisoara, Romania
Fundiciones Boveda, Ponferrada. Seen in Arenas de Cabrales

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