Wednesday, 4 July 2007


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Telling it as it is.
Bristol Water, also seen in Wedmore, Somerset.
Clifton, Bristol
Blank coal hole cover, 1820s? Seen in Paragon, Clifton, Bristol. Early square example.
Decorative coalhole cover, 1840s?. Seen in Clifton, Bristol. Compare the dated Ludlow example
Cannop Foundry Ltd, Cinderford. Seen in Wilton
Dudley, West Midlands
One of the most widely distributed range of manhole covers in England bear the name of Thomas Dudley Ltd,of Dudley, West Midlands. Established in 1920, this firm specialises in manufacturing iron castings to customer specifications in its privately owned fully mechanised foundry which operates six automated moulding lines. In 2007 their ‘Dauntless’ range of construction and plumbing industry iron castings was the largest in the UK. It is still a family firm. In 2007 the chairman was H.J.T.Dudley and one of the managing directors was M.J.Dudley. Website: .
Thomas Dudley Ltd.[of Dudley], Seen in Exeter
Thomas Dudley Ltd, Dudley, seen in Exeter
Thomas Dudley Ltd, FH, Dudley, seen in Exeter
C.Hodges, Ludlow, 1846
Cooper & Luck, Ludlow, ca. 1850
Lyme Regis, Dorset
W Caddy & Sons, Lyme Regis
Dean & Son, Oxford
Guest & Chrimes, Water, Rotherham, seen at Exeter, Devon.
Salisbury and Wilton RDC
Needham, Stockport. Seen in Newton Ferrers, Devon
Warley, Worcestershire
Dudley & Dowell Ltd, Warley, Worcs. Seen in Newton Ferrers
Osdene development Ltd, Wilton

Adams Ltd, York. Seen at Benson, Oxfordshire

Not yet visited but see detailed article on Aberystwyth "History on the pavements" by Godfrey Hill in Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society > Vol. 11, nos. 1-4 - 1989-1992

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